But I Like the 90s

I don’t use Twitter. I don’t use Instagram. Not anymore, though – everything changed today. As an intern, I have a hodge-podge of duties and I’ve been enlisted in charge of the social media accounts for the business starting today. Fuck, I thought. I know it may sound crazy that a 21-year-old with easy access to wifi living in California isn’t into Facebook, Instagram and all that jazz, but really, I’m not. (I feel like I should wince as I admit this.) They’re useful to use, I know, but I never truly felt attached to them. I don’t distrust their powers and I think it’s amazing that people can reach others throughout the entire world, but man, I still adore old school ways of doing stuff. I love the feel of a nice, inky black pen gliding across a fresh page of lined paper with the ink’s odor permeating, hitting my nose. It fuels me. I prefer the feel of the crisp edges of an old book on my fingers no matter how dingy and wrinkled it is over reading off of say, a Kindle. I believe in hand-written birthday cards and letters, the latter seeming now like a precious archive only available to see in museums that showcase famous authors’ days that date all the way back to the 1800’s. I think it just depends on the person; if Oscar Wilde were alive today, I can definitely picture him tweeting witty comments every hour. With me, though, not at all. It’s not that I hate technology. I used to have Instagram and I actually adored it so much that I soon grew addicted; seeing those red little hearts float on my screen whenever someone liked my photo or followed me was like a rush – a rush that never could be fulfilled 100% no matter how much I went on the app every day. In some ways, it fueled my jealousy too; I’d see my friends having fun, uploading their photos live of a bar they were at or of a succulent gourmet burger or them at a concert when I was often stuck at my desk having to study or go to work. Sometimes, it was like I knew too much about my friends, things about their lives that weren’t necessary for me to know, no matter how much I treasured them. I decided to delete my Instagram one day and did it cold turkey, feeling so much better since then. I think I can definitely have it and still remain happy, but to use Instagram you got to take it with a grain of salt – it’s purely for fun and like other social media sites, people only show the best part of themselves. It’s a bit weird for me to get back into Instagram again and learn to use Twitter for my business. Using the former again reminds me of how much I was attached to it. It’s the times, though, the times. We’re in 2014 but I want to remain in the 90s.

2 thoughts on “But I Like the 90s

  1. Great post! I’m the same way. I would much rather hold an actual book in my hands, or read a handwritten letter. I used to love getting notes in school growing up. They were so much more intimate than texts or messages on social media.


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