Why I Write

Writing, for me, is really to connect with the world. It’s simple: the ability to create art in order to form a dialogue with people appeals to me. It’s funny, because there are times when the cynical side of me comes out (which is often, really), and I jokingly say that I hate people. If you’ve ever had a job or had to do a group project in school, you’ll know what I mean. But I have a genuine side too, one that isn’t afraid to admit that in all honesty I love people. Whether it’s through learning about different cultures, having friends with different ethnicities, traveling, or trying new cuisines – I can write an endless list – I want to do it all. I think that behind all of this passion of mine lies storytelling. It acts like a bridge that connects me to you, even if we’ve never met before. You don’t have to know all about my life and neither do I about yours, but through the power of sharing even just a little slice of ourselves with words that we write on the page, we can possibly learn from each other. That’s it, right there. That’s what I live for. It’s why I’m writing right now. Frankly, I still have moments when I wonder if I really am the same with others. I know that I am, but having a disability makes you stupidly yet seriously doubt sometimes. But writing reminds me that there’s no need for me to obsess over that because that simply isn’t the point. When I write, it’s often to purge the pain and to transform that into the good. I believe in bonding over being able to relate from suffering. When I read, it pulls me in closer to people. Writing and reading reinforce my belief in empathy, something powerful and necessary to enable compassion and for a better understanding of this bizarre yet wonderful world that we live in. I’ll stop now, before the cynical side of me cringes from how many times I’ve said “people” in this post and barfs from the cheesiness, but damn it, do I mean it all: writing, to me, is life.

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